Rejuvenate and Revitalize

Our fast-paced modern day life leaves most of us feeling short of time, overwhelmed and burnt out.

The Rejuvenate & Revitalize Package is inclusive of:

  • All Inclusive Ashram Nature Cure Centre Accommodation
  • Daily Yoga and Relaxation Session
  • Daily Guided Meditation Session
  • Daily Holistic Treatment
  • Daily Herbal Steam Therapy
  • Daily Schedule of Natural and Ayurveda Products
  • Two Daily Fruit, Vegetable and Herb Juices
  • Personalized Daily Nutritionally Balanced Vegetarian Meal Plan
  • Personal Diet and Nutrition Consultation and Planning

At the start of the retreat we will run a series of assessments which will

  • Personal and Medical Assessment
  • Doctors Consultation and Assessment
  • Vital Signs Assessment and Medical Checkup ((Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate, Respiration Rate)
  • Ayurvedic assessment including diagnosis and Body Constitution Profile (Pitta, Vatta, Kapha)

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