"Yoga has a complete message for humanity
It has a message for the human body,
It has a message for the human mind,
And it has also a message for the human soul"

Astanga Yoga

  • Yama - Attitudes towards society
  • Niyama - Attitudes towards ourselves
  • Asana - Correct way to using the body
  • Pranayama - Science of breathing
  • Pratyahara - Restraintment of our senses
  • Dharna - Ability to direct our minds
  • Dhayana - Ability to maintain direction
  • Samadhi -Complete integration with object

Astanga Yoga - Yama

  • Ahimsa - Friendly feeling among all
  • Satya - The art of right communication
  • Asteya - Ability to resist a desire for that which does not belong to us
  • Brahmacharya - Moderation in all actions
  • Aparigraha - An ability to accept only what is appropriate

Astanga Yoga - Niyama

  • Saucha - Cleanliness of body and mind
  • Santosh - Feeling of contentment
  • Tapa - Removal of impurities
  • Swadhaya - Study, review & evaluate our progress
  • Ishwapranidhana - Acceptance of our limitations in relation to god

Astanga Yoga - Asana

Yogic asanas/exercises are referred as "neuromuscular integration," because they benefit not only the muscular, cardiovascular, and metabolic systems but also serve to integrate mind and body to order to create specific and predictable physiological effects.

Astanga Yoga - Pranayama

  • Pranayama practices similarly involve the manipulation of breathing mechanism alongwith the increased awareness of the pressure changes inside the cavity of chest and abdomen.
  • Breathing is a bridge between our body and mind. Changes in our body and mind affect our breathing
  • Breathing can balance our nervous system. When practices regularly, they produce a profound, calming effect on our mind and body and decrease sympathetic nervous system stimulation.

Astanga Yoga - Pratyahara

The restraint of senses occurs when the mind is able to remain in its chosen direction and the senses disregard the different objects around them and faithfully follow the direction of the mind.

Astanga Yoga - Dharna

  • The mind has reached the ability to be directed when direction towards a chosen object is possible in spite of many other potential objects with the reach of the individual.
  • The ability to maintain direction in this way is not possible if our minds are immersed in distractions or strongly affect by obstacles such as misapprehension

Astanga Yoga - Dhyana

  • Once the direction is fixed, then the mental activities form an uninterrupted flow only in relation to this object.
  • Initially our understanding is influenced by misapprehension, our imagination and our memories. But as the process of comprehension intensifies and deepens our understanding of the object.

Astanga Yoga - Samadhi

Soon the individual is so much involved in the object that nothing except its comprehension is evident. It is as if the individual has lost his own identity. This is the complete integration with the object of understanding.

Yoga : Upyoga

Yoga confines their attention on the first components involving varieties Asanas, Pranayama and Meditational techniques.Upyoga is the use of yogic skills throughout the day.This broad framework in mind not only gives a relief from our problem but opens up new way of enjoying your life.

Yogic program for healthy living

  • Inner awareness
  • Movements and Asanas
  • Breathing and Pranayama
  • Meditative state and inner silence

Yoga & Meditation

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