Medical Interactions

These workshops provide the basic theoretical knowledge for an understanding of the functional anatomy, interactive physiology and pathophysiology of psychosomatic and somatic disorders relating these to Yoga practices. Clinical aspects of body systems and their dysfunction are also covered. It includes sessions on related Yoga therapy and integrated approach.

Yogic Practices

The practices would include Prayers, Asanas for relaxation, Asanas for correction, simple techniques of Pranayama, Meditation and Aum-chanting. The practices of Asanas, Pranayama and Dhyana would be taught in a scientific manner. Though these practices have their effects in a combined way, the practices would be different for different groups, appropriate to the disease or infirmity like backache, hypertension etc. when done in a scientific improving the movements in different joints, to make body more agile, to improve micro-circulation in different organs and to bring relaxation in a combined tensed up body and mind. But more than this, it improves the awareness of a person about how to use the body and mind throughout the day, so that it does not contribute in one's state of ill-health.

Health promoting daily routine

It involves the sessions on appropriate diet, adequate sleep and rest, proper physical activities at working place and at home along with the time for recreation.

Attitude towards life

Most of the time conflicts and stress which one feels, arise due to one's inability to cope with the demanding situations in an appropriate manner, which in turn leads to perpetuation of state of ill-health. Yogic system offers an effective method for dealing the adverse situations in such away that it creates a minimal and that too, very transient feeling of distress thus saving the body and mind from its damaging effects.

Yoga & Meditation

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